Fully functional commerce platform for online selling
with Commerce Cloud Quickstart

Improve your customers’ experience and future-proof your selling with our out-of-the-box Commerce Cloud solution. It supports B2B, B2C, and hybrid organisations with end-to-end commerce support and functionality. The solution is fully embedded within your back-end transactional processes, including marketing, merchandising, logistics, and finance.

Simplify your processes and improve communication with:
Rapid time-to-market (9–12 weeks)
Subscription-based SaaS, including licences, hosting, support, and maintenance
Supports both B2B and B2C sales channels
Strategic, affordable and revenue enhancing channel-to-market for your business.
Optional extensions created by industry experts 
Out-of-the-box functionality and optional extensions

Our Cloud Commerce QuickStart solution can be tailored to suit your needs and budget:
Standard SAP Commerce Cloud: Base Features
  • Core commerce - Omnichannel storefront/s:
  • Product search and navigation
  • Promotions
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Product content management
  • Catalogue and classification management
  • Search Merchandising
  • Customer experience management and personalisation
  • Order management
  • Rich B2B features
  • Pre-built cloud platform integration
  • Assisted services and sales
Dimension Data's extensions:
  • Local payment provider extension for card, eft and loyalty payments
  • Payment processing, including payment retry, refunds, and recovery
  • Support for account payments, available credit checking
  • Wish lists and shopping lists
  • Localised address validation and zone exclusions
  • Automated product data enrichment via third-party service - Descriptions, Features & Benefits, extended attributes, related products, category references
  • Product images integrated via third-party service
  • Product recommendations, e.g. best sellers, product and category references
  • Machine learning for intelligent search ranking
  • Content search
  • Management dashboard for monitoring operational status
  • Courier integration for parcel tracking services
  • Google Analytics enhanced commerce, Go-To-Market and Measurement Protocol
  • General utilities and improvements:
  • Daily maintenance tasks
  • Better handling of responsive email templates
  • Was/now savings calculator
  • SMS communication channel
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