Moving data applications from on-premise to the cloud tends to get complicated. Managing costs, security and compliance, multiple platforms, and workload migrations are many reasons clients seek assistance from service providers.

Organisations turn to Microsoft Azure, Cisco, and Dimension Data to enable the right journey to the cloud and achieve Digital Transformation. Leveraging the cloud adoption framework, networking, and security capabilities, ensuring clients achieve cost and performance optimisation, resource management and, compliance.
Dimension Data integrates powerful technologies, which can be consumed as a service to cater for all SQL needs in a hybrid cloud environment either as a once off migration exercise, or as an ongoing managed service.
Journey to the right cloud and optimise application performance
To deliver the best possible experience for your customers and employees, your business applications need to perform at their best. Leveraging the cloud to achieve this requires a network and data centre backbone that’s fully up to the task.

Problems arise through:

  • Latency and bandwidth issues
  • Dependence on other providers’ networks
  • The lack of a consistent view across siloed tools and teams
  • Pace of cloud innovation
  • Manage hybrid estates
Our solution utilises the powerful analytics of the Cisco toolset to provide actionable business insights and outcomes, enhancing the value proposition of Azure workloads in a hybrid environment.

It delivers:
Reduced costs through automation
An optimised end-user experience across any infrastructure
Improved employee productivity and satisfaction
Real-time visibility of business performance
A unique combination of app resource management and cost management
The ability to manage scalability effectively
Secure-by-design execution
Achieve the highest levels of SQL migration success and address ongoing security, performance and compliance requirements post-migration with a set of products to cater for all your SQL needs in a hybrid cloud environment.
Download our Data sheet to find out how SQL on Azure powered by Cisco can amplify your application strategy with seamless SQL migration.
We’ll help you choose the best path for your cloud migration journey, beginning with a consultancy phase that employs our Dimension Data Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

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