Is your SAP system ready

to migrate to the cloud?

Our self-assessment is designed specifically for SAP installations. It will showcase your current SAP architecture, and if required, show how you can modernize your SAP architecture to optimize processes and increase productivity by migrating to Azure cloud. The assessment gives a high-level “overview” of your SAP installation and helps to validate whether the complementary two-day migration workshop will benefit your business.

There is no fee for running the consulting workshop or receiving our written proposal and recommendations for your proposed migration. However, as the time of our SAP specialists is limited, each workshop request will be assessed to ensure that the goals are in line with the overall objectives of migrating your SAP to Azure public cloud. Though highly improbable, Dimension Data retains the right to refuse access to these facilities for those requests that do not fall into scope.

As soon as you have completed the on-line assessment, simply fill out the application contact form to start the discussion on your SAP system and secure your slot for the workshop.

Q1 of 20

Are you able to test changes that customers want in production simply?

Q2 of 20

Can you easily access insights from SAP platform without the need for a specialist?

Q3 of 20

Does your SAP infrastructure scale easily with your (seasonal) business requirements?

Q4 of 20

Do your business-critical SAP applications run fast and smoothly?

Q5 of 20

Can you spin up test, development, and/or production environments easily to support innovation?

Q6 of 20

Can you shut down SAP test environments when not using them to reduce costs?

Q7 of 20

Does the storage and handling of your SAP data meet GDPR security and governance requirements?

Q8 of 20

Are you able to ensure compliance based on clear information throughout the entire supply chain?

Q9 of 20

Are you running S/4 HANA? (If you are planning to move but still running Business Suite 7 or an earlier version of SAP choose ‘no’, if you are currently running S/4HANA or in the process of migrating to S/4 HANA choose ‘yes’.)

Q10 of 20

Is SAP helping you make processes simpler across your enterprise?

Q11 of 20

Is your storage and growth capacity sufficient for your future needs?

Q12 of 20

Have you recently gone through a hardware refresh? (In the last two years)

Q13 of 20

Have you eliminated the need of secondary and off premises to back up your SAP data?

Q14 of 20

Do you have access to self-service reports across multiple platforms and devices for your shop floor data?

Q15 of 20

Are you able to process and analyze real-time data about the platform performance quickly for optimization?

Q16 of 20

Is your ERP connected to the rest of your workflow data?

Q17 of 20

Is your system able to cope with the throughput of a large number of sessions running simultaneously in SAP?

Q18 of 20

Is your database server regularly maintained?

Q19 of 20

Have you found it easy to find experts who can help you maintain your SAP system?

Q20 of 20

Can your disaster recovery solution be implemented in real-time, without significant business impact?

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