Our old way of working is no longer working. This was one of the earliest lessons we learnt from the Covid-19 crisis. Business processes that we took for granted came to a halt overnight and every industry was forced to turbo-charge its digital transformation. The challenge now is how we support distributed workforces so we can enhance productivity and deepen employee engagement while keeping operating expenses low. The answer, of course, is an intelligent workplace.
Intelligent Workplaces are all about reimagining the future of the office by focusing on four key areas at the intersection of people, technology and location.

  • Meaningful collaboration - Powerful and intuitive tools make light work of any task.
  • Meetings that maximise time and resources - Smart spaces encourage value-driven group sessions.
  • Smart and integrated buildings - Connecting buildings to employees completes the business.
  • Security from end to end - Employees who can work securely from anywhere simply work better.
The workplace is not just a place anymore. Embark on your journey to an intelligent workplace with Dimension Data today.

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